Community Reinvestment Area

The City of Northwood Community Reinvestment Areas provide tax incentives to promote new development and redevelopment. Eligible projects may qualify for a tax abatement of up to 100% of the new value created for:

  • Up to 15 years on new commercial, industrial and residential development,
  • Up to 12 years on commercial, industrial, and residential expansion or renovation.
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Jobs Creation &Retention Grant Program

The City of Northwood provides grants to businesses that intend to create jobs with a minimum payroll of $500,000. Targeted businesses citywide will receive priority.

  • Targeted businesses include corporate offices, manufacturing, and critical-need businesses as determined by the City 
  • Within Central Business District (CBD) target area, retail, restaurant, entertainment, and hospitality as noted on the CBD Eligible Retail Jobs Grant Map.

The grant will provide a percentage reimbursement for municipal income taxes for up to ten (10) years depending on the project. Job grants shall be approved by City Council and will require a contractual commitment to meet job creation benchmarks and continued operations in the City for a specified period of time.

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Revitalization District

A Revitalization District was established in the city of Northwood through the Ohio Division of Liquor control to attract restaurants and entertainment venues to Woodville Road and the new Enclave mixed use development. Within the district, lower cost and expedited access to one (1) of fifteen (15) D5 liquor licenses are available through the city.

Northwood Revitalization DistrictView Target Area Map

Woodville Road Renewal Grant

Property owners of income generating commercial properties located on Woodville Road and in Northwood’s Central Business District may be eligible for the Woodville Road Renewal Grant. See Woodville Road Renewal Grant Target Area Map for an exact location of the grant boundary.

This grant is a 50% reimbursement of expenses directly related to qualifying building improvements to eligible commercial properties located within the target area. The maximum amount of matching assistance is $20,000. The property owner is responsible for maintaining improvements provided by this grant for a minimum of 5 years without alteration.

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